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"Big O Trading 1025" is an ideal company that was found and formed by Jacob Tlangelani Makhelane in 2011 based on development. We after realized that people are no longer interested in working under companies but, are interested in starting their own businesses and become their own bosses. It came to our senses that more people can be easily developed and become owners of their companies. Big o trading is a diverse company aimed to operate with the following businesses as a start:

(1.) Micro lender and
(2.) Business registration. For the future references the following businesses are going to be introduced by big o trading: Building's and properties, funeral services, transport and logistics, micro finance, media centre, construction, catering and decoration.

By God`s grace if the opportunity can come up for any of the above mentioned businesses beside Micro Lender and Business registration, we are going to grep that opportunity and use it. Big o trading is a development company thirsty for business that is why any opportunity that may come up will be taken as a chance to build our business. We allocated the management team as follows: one director, chair person, vice chair person, secretory and treasurer. Anyone have his or her own level of qualification and skills to run the given position.


Big o trading register businesses and borrow every individuals money who have financial problem, blacklisted or in need of money for emergency issues. As time goes on group loans are going to be initiated where in which only three people can qualify to form a group. Our financial scheme called ("BIG O" Financial Scheme) will lend people money in return of 5% interest rate, 15% VAT and 13,5% service fee for once off loans. Every loan term will be charged extended service fee of R35 in monthly base depending on the length of the loan term applied.



Our vision is to help people and empower them so that after some few years they find themselves owning companies and be financial sustained as well. We are going to make sure that people who have financial problems in need of our financial help are given the full service as they requested through our financial scheme called "BIG O" Financial scheme.


Our mission is to develop people and eradicate poverty. Big o trading is here to make sure that our communities and people around us become financial sustainable through our financial program called "BIG O" Financial Scheme.


Since we are a development company, our main value is to give clients excellent services in every aspect of business life and we believe that with God's help our services will be of higher standard.

We also believe that God's time is perfect to make everything possible because even the idea of this company came because of him.

Pro-actives are keeping our clients well served and updated in every situation needs to.


Goals and objectives of our company is to reach many people in different communities and to make sure that over 60% of companies market our businesses in the coming six years.


Growth of our company based on our client's respond together with our good services that we offer them, because the more clients are coming in is the more growth become. If we can provide our clients with good services growth of the company becomes higher because everyone will meet their expectation on time and at the right time.